About Us

Fara and SamVAN GALZ® has a history of creativity and inspiration that is engrained in passion, diligence and hard work. Founded by a husband and wife design team to help you express every aspect of your personality, we create pieces that are as unique as each woman who wears them.

Our pieces enrich and perfectly accentuate outfits worn casual or couture — night & day! We sprinkle our designs with a light vintage flavor using both Swarovski crystals and semi-precious stones.

VAN GALZ® is new - new company, new designs and new direction in the Fashion Jewelry business. We began with only a few pieces, and have grown to include exciting designs of necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings and belts.

Our jewelry is a fun and an affordable way for women to look fashionable; keeping up on the current trends of fashion-forward style.

“Based in Miami, Florida, the Sax’s happened upon the jewelry business quite by accident. Sam was on a business trip in Europe and brought back some interesting pieces of jewelry that he found while there which Fara immediately began to wear on her sales calls while working as an advertising representative. Everyday, Fara would come home “necklace-less” selling to friends, stores, and even strangers who would stop her on the street! Fara and Sam decided that they were heading in the right direction and started designing their own pieces that would better reflect the cutting-edge in the American fashion market’s trends.” Our jewelry can be found in many high-end Boutiques, Spas, Hotel/Resort Gift shops and on the necks and ears of many celebrities…

The name VAN GALZ®  was born from Fara’s desire to build a unique brand name for a unique and very special line of jewelry. Since so many of her work is “Vintage Flavored’ she was looking for a brand name that sounded European, romantic and unique that customers will find easy to remember…

We hope you share our passion and enjoy our pieces as much as we do.